why mummy

Posted by sazali


Good mother is a blessing.

Good wife is the best rezeqi.

Good children comes from those 2  big influential figures.

Without them we are no where.

Thats why good government spends lots of time, effort and money to
Take good care of girls, ladies and mothers.

In Islam we put  high respect on girls n ladies.

We separate the boys andvthe girls.

We protect them by all means.

2)  just go to any country

If vthe girls are good

Peace n harmony  comes.

3)  if one wanted to seek  a wife

Look at the mother.
Look at her sisters.

Their temparament  indicates  many things including peace n harmony.

4)  some girls can b good mothers.

Some cannot.

No matter how hard u  tried.


This comes from time, education, interaction both socially n  economically.

Lucky indeed to the ones having good lady by their side.



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