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Bright malays in the kampung got scholarships to further their studies.
JPA , MARA, KPM are popular among us. If you got one, you are now known as their scholar.

If you are a government scholar there are few things you must know them well.

First, you are in the university to study.
nothing more nothing less.

Hope you survive there during 1 to 5 years.

Second, you must pass with flying colours.
why?  The rakyat wants it that way.

nothing funny. Right?


I  advised that to my 2 sons just now.

i know they  can drive  very well.
but be careful.
You cannot drive as if you just a simple kampung boy anymore.  There is a virtue attached to ur head knowingly or unknowingly.
remember this ,...u  are a scholar.

People expect you to serve them.
i got  KPM scholarship. So i taught many schools, polytechnic and universities.
why?  The rakyat wants that from me.  I  shared my knowledge with the rakyat here and given the opportunity why not  Univ Of Tsukuba, Japan.

Dont do anything in such a way that you failed to get a degree, masters or/and phd.

Somebody got married at the age of 19.
after sometime in the cold countries
they came back with everything except degree (s).

Do you think the rakyat will be happy?
Allah is angry too.  Can we say  nasib not on my side?

you had let down the government,
the rakyat and your beloved parents.

Somebody were busy with business ..trading old british cars for example. (Pardon me).
Not enough of that
they encouraged their spouses to sell nasi lemak, mee huun, curipuff

everywhere they go, they talked about  their trade.
They are rich with pences and pounds.  May b?

they bought merx, BMW

very loaded.

Every one knows them.

But when everyone is busy in the convocations
they are busy elsewhere.


Do you think their sponsors will be happy with them?
How about the rakyat?
How about their parents?

So my boys
studying hard is an amanah.
In Islam, we must take care of the amanah else we go to somewhere very nasty. Ughh hell, the ustazs  say.

if we get married, your wife is an amanah.  You must care her 24/7 in good or bad times.
If you sign a contract, that contract is an amanah.

As a dad
just my small doa
you will do well.

Make your sponsor happy,
make the rakyat happier
and most importantly you the happiest soul.  You had spent many years studying.
Now your last lap in the olympic stadium.
Every rakyat is cheering you up.  Just now they sat while chit chating on their phones.  Now without asking, they are standing up to cheer you up abe.  What an atmosphere now.
Run my boys run ..hit the finishing line please.  You will see your daddy n mummy there.

Sabar, persevere and ...just push a bit more.  Stay focus .. my dear.


My  eldest came from Leeds.
My youngest from Saltley, Birm 8.


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