we are not perfect, right?

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Somebody told me

We are not perfect lah sir.

Yes, you are right.
Nobody is perfect.

See below.

1.  PM  not perfect
2.  His wife is also not perfect.
3.  Big  teacher not perfect.
4.  Small teachers are also not perfect.
5.  Middle teachers are also like that 2by5  and  5by2.
6.  Traders not perfect.
7.  Our siblings not perfect too.
8.  Malaysian toilets ..hush  really bad.  Never perfect u.
9.  Then why create this word perfection?  What the hell is it for?

i  don't  know.
what i know is  i was once a prefect.
tg mahmud primary school , besut. 6A.  1969.

that time
Ms.  SALEHA AHMAD our head prefect (girls)
And mr  Lee Chong Seoung Head boy.

alas ..that  golden time has gone away.  So fast.
hope we try our best to be a perfect parents lah.

perfectionist creates hardship to himself only.
we should learn to tolerate while living in this world.

We are not all perfectionist.

just accept what u are
and proceed.
Being smart is great. But in my opinion, may I?
Better we focus on tenacity and pure grit.
indeed, that may  be the best thing parents and teachers can give to their lovely children to rise over 1000 different challenges in life.


Dr S.


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