Eid Mubarak

Posted by sazali


My dear  readers

I would like to wish

All my followers and readers of this humble blog


Please  forgive me for any shortcomings while writing.


I am just a simple human being.
With taufiq and hidayah ..i force myself to write what is inside my
Brain, feelings and thinkings without fear or favour.

2)  if there is anything good please translate into your language examples Dutch, Portugese,  Greek, Italian,French, Arabic, Chinese, Indians, Romanian, Ukraine and many more.

We shall get the same reward from the Al Mighty  ALLAH.

if there is anything bad
Please forgive me from the bottom of my heart which is deeper than any ocean in this universe.  Believe me.

Tq so much.

Be moderate to ourselves and try to be extra nice to others. If you are nice, Me also nice then we are living in a nice, nice world.  What say u?  He he he.  Be happy and don't worry so much for we are not the President of America or the keeper of Kaabah.  And most importantly don't be so sad for not making the trip to your homeland in this occasion. Just remember this ..it is  not the end of the world.

Eid Mubarak.  May Allah accepts  our good deeds throughout our lives.  Ameen.



  1. suziana mohd tahir said...

    Slm aidilfitri utk tuan & keluarga.

  2. sazali said...

    Wa alaikum salam w.r.t. tq. JGN lupo ustazah ..tulis dlm jawi yer. Muga muga ustazah n famili beebahagia d batu pahat, Brunei DS dan di mana mana jua. Ameen

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