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Head Teacher  or  Big  Teacher.  These  jobs are found in schools not in the blue ocean or thick jungle.


1.  Controls the school.  Population more than 1000 students.
2.  Controls the teachers and pupils.
3.  Big job. Big headache and of  course big pay.
4.  Small teachers  grade DG41  Head Teacher Dg54 .  Some superscale C, B.
5.  As good or better than an Associate Professor with Ph.D in a local universitty
6.  Mostly  stay in his big office fully aircond.  Sign this, sign that.  Shake leg one.  Anybody fancy this post?
7.  Most jobs  others teachers do for him.
8.  If he can control the teachers, he sleeps well.
9. If he can't  control the teachers, he sleeps little.
That is very dangerous for his health especially his heart.

10.  The head teacher usually is the most senior teacher in that school.
If that is so, he earns a lot of respect from the other small teachers.

Usually the MOE  gives a local to be a head teacher.
Then everything would be fine.

11.  In the 1970s  most  head teachers were arts graduates from UM.
Now after 40 years, this post is shared by both arts and science teachers who graduated from many other universities.

12.  From my  humble records of service, I can work well with any big teacher.
The first head teacher that i worked with was
Tuan Hj Ramlee Zain Sm Tumpat.
The last was Tuan Hj Nik Md Amin Sm Kota, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

I think I am indebted to both of them
Because after 10 years at schools
I join a polytechnic, KBharu.

Then I joined KUITTHo, Johor.

There are many success stories working with the above head teachers.
Hope they are retiring well and live happily ever after.

now if someone ask me
do you want to be a head teacher?
i will answer

No Way.

I prefer to be an expert in my subject only.
i can sleep, think and pray better.  My dream ..the actors and actresses so well orchestrated.

now any school has so many female teachers. So nice, walk walk all same colour from head to their shoes.
this is where the problem starts.

in this country
many teachers marry quite early.  So they have many domestic problems.
Some small teachers do not sleep and rest well.  Some bring their small kids to schools.
So their teaching suffer.
Parents are quite disappointed with poorly prepared teachers.

so i do not want to be a lawyer between these small teachers and big fat powerful parents.

he ..he..he..

i want to control my small family only.
at home i have some problem with my mem

that is good enough as far as handling house  problems is concerned.

what more if u  have 50 small female teachers under your control.  Some times, few teachers ..their spouses are in politics very close to our PM.  Few play big motor with the young Sultan.

if you are not careful
these spouses will throw you out from your beloved school, village and bungalow anytime.

sure headache one.

BIG chance ..i shall die young.  Somebody will print  RIP  on my grave. (Laugh)

better to be a professorlah  , expert in 1 maths book ,  write few journals only than controlling all those 50 small teachers,  their all kinds of stories and their welfare under your  nose.





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