the word BEST

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Many people used this word 'best'.

In the restaurant, if the food is good then they would say 'best'.
In the stadium, when a good team is playing against its closest rival...they would say 'best' too  provided they won the game.

Young students if they get on a nice coach from one place to another within a short time,.
They would say  best too.

As a footballer I only know  George Best.

So which is which?

Usually the word best is a remark given to the highest  quality for any thing.

In Islam, the best word to recite is

La ila ha  illa llah.
Which means


There is no God except Allah.


It is a belief
Allah is the best creator of everything in this earth.

HE gives us lives, health  and  wealth and not forgeting
HE  takes away our lives any time.

Among the muslim scholars
they believe

as long as there is a soul  reciting
la  ila ha illa llah

the world will never end.

Even though tsunami, flood, drought, earthquake, famine
comes everyday
to this world  ie.  One after  another
as long you, I  and anybody
were  to  recite
that best kalimah

the world will never end.

So  if you love this world
please recite the kalimah as much as possible.  It is the best word to kill off any form of  worry.

Some are worried about children.
Some are worried about jobs.
Some are worried about their poor health.
Some are worried about their position.  Either they are number 1  or no number at all.
Some are worried about their

In short, everybody is worried with a thousand kinds of problems.
So in Islam, we are asked to read that kalimah with utmost  sincerity in order we get peace internally and externally.

thank you.

wallahu aklam.


Zakaria (1960).  The teaching of Islam. Raiwind:  Islamic Publication


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