feeling good

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It is another Friday today.

We are still here.

Man has many feelings.
One of them is feeling good.

Many reasons. Please do not be jealous.

1.  I am still alive.
Many people are already gone. Six foot deep under the ground.
When you are dead, people talk highly about your deeds.  Look at the obituary.
But i prefer to be alive all the way.

2.   I am driving a car.
Outside many are the ones who go places on the bikes and motorcycles.
If it rains, they will surely get wet.
Me?  Feeling good and dry.  Alhamdulilah - nikmat from the Al Mighty Allah.

3.  I got a job to do.
There is job to do when you are still fit and strong.
Today my job is picking up my boy from the bus terminal and bring him home.
I feel good because i can still be of some use to my family.
A job is important.
it is my face.
a teaching job.
Nothing great.
he he he.
but somebody who has retired 2 to 3 years from teaching,  they must feel somewhere deep
 how nice to teach again to young children coming from far away places.
So in short, value this chance of
having a job teaching ABC and 1+2 = 3  and  not 1+ 2 = 12.

4.  The world is talking about gold medals in the Olympic.
Everyday the country wants only gold.
It is not easy you know.
imagine malay cyclist taking budu, ulam and nasi kerabu
getting a bronze is already good.

too good you know?
look at his competitors.
their sizes..
melayu?  We got  'layu'@ lembik  there.
How to get gold?

feeling good because i know
i must use my brain.

It does not make sense
to run against the hungry Afrikans, Americans in the Olympics
Who are 3 times your size.

no way boy.
God has given us the brain...

that is gold to me.

We must fight justly.

on the track
the whites are just watching
the indians, afrikans running like hell.
it is a form of their entertainment.  Did you see their kings, queens, prince, princesses?
Do you see what I saw?
Is a gold medal your only dream when the whites
sitting high up on the stadium
watching u ..run like hell and burst up your lung.
cycling a bike
your own state never bothered all these while.

he he he
 I feel good everyday..

why killing myself?
i can buy a gold bar with my credit cards.
no sweat
just swipe the card ..soon you sign
and pay up the price till you die...


you can ha..ha..ha..
When you are feeling good inside.

5.  I  have many  friends.  One of them is Mr Sanusi Alias.  Alumni  MTC - Malayan Teachers College. MPPPP.  NOW  IPGKPP. Glugok.

they came and visit me.  Unintentionally.  But i want to see him.  At last we met.  Old friends are like gold.  They are a part of our building  as a strong nation.  Ignoring them ..you may be called a fool.  Take care of them.  They will take of your children once u are in the heaven, u say?

Today Friday.
Darood is so important.
don't forget that..

31 ogos.
feel good too.
 hopefully    u  and I  are still alive
Alhamdulilah  we can celebrate our independence

Allahu akbar.

We had built mosques, musalla and surau all over the country.  Not only the malays can pray .. others can stop and use the toilet ...once in a while.

Walilah hil hamm.

Wa llahu aklam ..


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