say thank you

Posted by sazali


At school when somebody does something good,
We say  thank you.

Similarly with us in high schools, colleges and universities.

We practise it most of the time.

If we do something bad,
We quickly apologize.

if we do not know something
just say i don't know..there is nothing to be shy of
by saying   i am afraid  i don't know that. Sorry ok?

But ..

Our culture is full of ..taking things for granted.

Here i  pen  down  few ones only.

I)  if we call our daddy
We are short of money

Few minutes later
Something was credited into our bank account.

Did we say tq ..

2)  if we go to a posh restaurant
After a good meal

Did we bother to say tq?

Yes ..there is a banker there right?

He he he.

3)  if we are ill
Or our children extremely ill

If some help came

Did we bother to say  tq?

Most of us take things for granted.

Thats the biggest error.

Muslim kingdom is not great any more
Because we did not stop long enough
To say tq to someone.

Is he a ghost?
Invisible man?

Well think please.

Allah loves us actually.
But he will love us more if we
Say  tq and being nice to each other.

So simple yet




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