Welcome Saudis

Posted by sazali


I noticed few things in my blog statistics.

First, the arrivals of the Saudis in droves.  Welcome.  Ahlan wasallan.

If there is anything good, please share it with others.
Else ..please comment, I may write better next time, insyallah.

Second, the Russians are dropping in numbers. May be they are in Rio de Janeiro now.  Olympic,, right?

TQ everybody.

I love the Indonesians and Bruneiens ..they are there always thick and thin.

Similarly are the Germans, USA, Malaysian brothers ad Sisters and many more - French, Spainiads, Japanese and ..

May Allah bless us all.

A hadith by the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

" if you want good life in this dunia..seek knowledge,
if you want good life in akhirah ..seek knowledge,
and if you want both worlds.. seek knowledge'.


Sazali.  Ph.D
UTHM  u think harder mannnnnnn


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