You worry lots.

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I was a teacher.
Here are some problems in our stomach as teachers.

1.  four reasons for teaching
2.  four things about teaching that worry you most -  is it HOTS, STEM or  GeoGebra?
3.  what personal qualities that could make you a successful teacher?
4. what do you want your teaching to give to your students?

Possible answers.

Why teaching?
I got a KPM scholarship in 1975/80 in Great Britain.  No way out .. I must be a teacher at the end of the road.  Pay back time to the rakyat of Malaysia.  Teaching at schools, polytechnic, university college, UTHM and now in ...  (secret).

Things that worry me most?

I got killed by a student who is mentally ill but went unnoticed by the authorities.
I got transferred within 24 hours just because I parked my car for Zohor/ Asar in a well known opposition mosque in Langgar , Kota Bharu.
My parents thought me earning a million bucks a month.  So them demanding things like RM.
Rain, flood, a car tyre went flat and many more.

Personal qualities?

I have a few , I am afraid. Why ?  I traveled few countries all over the world already. Alhamdulilah!  Dakwah and tabligh in IPB - spread the deen of Allah softly but wisely.  Action talks louder than words, right?
A simple visit to my poor students' home during the rainy season .. speaks some volume why a teacher is always a teacher.

What to give?

I give you some experience that no books had them all these while.  Insya allah.
Stand and laugh by my side ..  you see hw I look the world as what other great teachers have already seen.

Teaching cannot make you rich ..

but I am reachable by many ways.


Happy Teachers' Day daddy.


Lucinda Becker & Pam Denicolo (20xx). Teaching in higher education.  London:  Sage


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