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We often heard this word   He is a "contract player" from Brazil.

This is a player who is hired to score goals in all the team matches. If he scores everytime, then every thing is well else he will be fired.

famous footballers like Ronaldinho (Brazil), George Best ( Northern Ireland), Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish and Zainal Abidin Hassan (Selangor) and many more ..they understood this 'contract player' very well.

Yes .. as long as you perform well above the rest of the  local players ..then you are ok and well.  He..he..he..

Similarly is contract specialists in big hospitals.  I read a news .. a specialist earned RM5 million per year. My God!

He evaded tax ..  amounting to many more millions. So now he is caught and ..  soon he will know what his fate will be.

2)  Contract this and contract that.

All man understand this so well and clear.

3) Unknowingly, many of us forget we are also under contract with the Al Mighty Allah who created us from a drop of semen plus some chemicals from our mummy.

Our life is contract.

If you are born today .. and u die at the age of 60
then the whole life is contract.

After the contract you are called  a dead body.
Dead teacher.
Dead doctor.
Dead footballer.
Dead ..  man kind.

expired roti.
expired noodle.

what did the customers do with 'expired' noodles?

Yes you are right .. the noodles will be disposed there and then. The dustbin is the final mining field.

4)  I know this well every time I wake up from my bed.

I can be fired any time by the top authority.
The authority can fire me any time.

Similarly is our life.
Allah and his angels can fire us up .. any time of the day.
Once we got a deadly disease like a heart cancer ..  our body will start ..  falling down piece after piece.

Have you ever seen the 'tall building'?   any where on  earth which was brought down by powerful dynamites .. yes the structure is falling like ..  broken bricks so suddenly.

Once we are diagnose with cancer ..our bodies ..will undergo that similar fate .. going down one by one the brick(s) of the body.

Organ after organ keep on failing.

Are you not afraid my dear readers?

So far that ..better watch out.

Think that is all to say.

Don't look down at contract player, contract worker from abroad ..

for we are also under contract terms daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Wasallam.  p/s: read al fatihah to your own soul too daily. please.


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