your problem

Posted by sazali


All of us have at least 1 problem.
Ranging from health to attitude.
Let us go briefly.

A)  health

We cannot sleep well. So we look tired most of the time.
you spent ages in the toilet. Why?
your urine is blue.
mine just tea from cameron highland only.
your eyes sre red.
did you hurt yourself?
Please go and see your doctor.  Either he got shock or you die.

B)  finance
Too many credit cards.
This is dangerous.
Our P.M and families spent millions using credit cards.
Where are our ustaz ustazah?
Why dont you visit him and give dakwah.
You only talk so much among the poor folks  only.  But
You freeze in front of kings, prince and ministers..
Imam Malik dinar turned down mufti job

because he was afraid to be questioned about worldly nikmats, salary, allowances, hotels and dunia.

C)  school
You rarely finizh your homework.
After SPM you going abroad.
What are you trying to show?
If you are a lousy student here
I dont think u  gonna change anything
You are just wasting your parents money only.
you buying British diploma food and catering?

D)  attitude

This is mad.
Sunday  jealous
Monday  back biting
Tuesday  fighting
Wednesday  not bathing well.  Your smell ..foul!
Thursday  swearing
Friday  copy and paste;  plagiarism
Saturday  sleeping like a log

Try sleeping in a chinese graveyard  once.
astagh firullahal  azeem.  What type of parents  raise  you up here?



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