tq ok?

Posted by sazali


Everybody is busy watching badminton DLCW playing for gold tonight in Rio.

As a simple teacher, i wish him the best.

Now as my age advancing
I like to rest..

2)  here  i  would like to express my

Deepest gratitude
To the malaysians,. Usa, Germans

Who are always the top countries reading my blog.

Tq so much.

Others  are  unitd kingdom,
Indonesians, canadians,
Portugese, spains, French, bruneins and romanians


The japanese  and chinese came.

All in all thanks  so much.

3)  they like to read mor on academic work
Such as

Phd thesis.
Going for interviews
How to find topics for phd, masters

And many more.

Well it is all free.  Help ur self please.

B4  i  go

Pray for me ok?
I dont want to b  rich.  Dont worry.
I dont need jets to fly here n there.  I have enough clothes n pens.

I pray for taufiq n hidayat only.
let me die when ... my Robb is happy with me ..sudah.

Tq once again every body.


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