After enjoying good health , now comes the illness gradually

Posted by sazali


Sorry I was away - overseas - doing my work.

Access through the internet was so slow over there.  So better kept quiet and do my business as traditional as possible.

2)  But here I am feeling .. just recovering from a bad cough, flu and everything.

3) My friends told me .. this illness is a form where Allah wanted to cleanse all your wrong doings in this dunia.  So that ..when you meet Allah come back with a clean sheet of account.

Hushhhh...  what a statement that was ..because the one who suffered was me ..right?

Insyallah i write more soon about this health.  It is a temporary condition to test how many of us ..remember the ONE that really gives all this health, wealth, beauty, brain and power.  Usually most men , forget the ONE  ALLAH when they are at the peak of success ( encompassing great health, beauty, power, brain and youth..the Holy Quran describe in great details those generations who were destroyed by ALLAH for being arrogant, rude, hostile, wild and madness .. and it is just a matter of a seconds when ALLAH shakes the earth ..the whole population went to dust and crush).  A u zubillah ...

Lucky indeeed are those people who always remember HIM in all forms of ease, comfort and blessings.




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