Last night

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Last night , I went for isya' prayers and taraweeh in a big mosque near my home.

I saw so many people especially the old ones.

Many people brought along their parents and grand sons to pray too.

The mosque parking lot was full of vehicles.

2) I  liked praying last  night because ..the imam read big surah but few ayats in each rakaat.  So I am quite comfortable. Really?

Some time some imams read long surah ... I have the feeling that not all makmums like that so much.  First, the old people. They can not stand so long in 1 rakaat.  Second, pregnant ladies.  Their feet will get a bit soar when they do stand for a while longer.  Third, the young boys age 10 - 12.  They make noises and make many kinds of movements which could distract young man like me.

One thing I noticed ..

Last time (30 - 40 years ago) ..  only the big boys joined their parents for this prayers.  No boys can pray in the front lines ..because some of them are considered not 'clean' yet.  Here cleanliness refers to 'have they gone the process of circumcision yet'? As a result, the order and manner of people praying was well taken care off.

Now, some fathers brought their young boys to pray next to him all the time.  Here young boys are 4 - 7.   We did not know ..whether the boys are Ok or not ( clean?). If the boys are not yet circumcised ..they will brake the lines of prayers in the main hall (mosque).

That is why..  our concentration is not so high in the masjid anymore.  Our minds wonder easily when .. noise, movements and many more are put in front of our eyes.


Wallahuaklam bis sawabbb.  Think about it please?


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