Ramadhan is coming fast ..

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Ramadhan is the greatest month in the muslim calendar.  It is a fasting month where muslims and muslimah are not allowed to eat, drink and  having sex in the day time from dawn to dusk (maghrib).

By doing so it inculcates the followings:

a) patience
b) tolerance
c) friendship
d) appreciation at the time of plenty
e) taqwa
f) caring
g) can withstand without food and drink for at least 12 hours and this is good during the time of hardship like war , battle and many more (extreme famine)
h) many more insya allah.

It is compulsory for muslims to fast except those who are very very ill or those who are travelling from country to country but they have to pay back after Eid Mubarak.  (he..he..he..)

The fasting month lasted for 30 days.  Among the nights there is a night of extreme power called Lailatul Qadar .. a night equivalent to 1000 months of power  if one can observe strictly his amal (night and day).  1000 months = 83 years?  This night can be obtained with the special ikhsan from the Al Mighty Allah.  During ramadhan, many of us will exert hard to do many good deeds like serving food to the hungry ones (orphans, war victims, oversea students and PATI ).

Many people had tried to get this night of Lailatul Qadar , but not many got it because there are so many temptations like:

a) doing last minute shopping
b) last minute cooking biscuits and lemangs since these activities can be translated into instant cash while all virtues for Lailatul Qada are so far away ..... right?
c) last minute painting the house ..all white this time my dear
d)  last minute withdrawing the money for the others
e) and many more last minute booking of airlines, cancelling tickets and taking new flights here and there
f) last minute dying on the roads because some did not plan how to travel so well example KL to Kota Bharu.  For sharing, why this journey back home for?  if your parents are dark skin, after ramadhan ..their skin won't change much.  So don't be a fool ..pushing hard and spending 18 hours for 450 km journey.  Stay put in KL would be wiser .. think about it, will you?

Lucky indeed are those who engage this month in

a) reciting of the Holy Al Quraan
b) reading al Hadith @ traditions of the Holy Prophet
c) writing good books for the young muslims @ non muslims
d)  taking stock what was wrong with us yesterday, yesteryears etc etc
e) reflection on our doings so that tomorrow would be better than yesterday
f) avoiding back bitings, slanderings and talk ills about others ..o yes ..if we backbite our brother ..all our amal in taraweeeh prayers and reciting of the Holy Quraan will be credited into his account even though he is happy watching TV in a mamak's corner in Parit Raja
g) finally let us die in Islam no matter what.

Not forgetting to warn the newly wedded couples who managed to tie the knot before Ramadhan ..

"remember kifarah  3 months non stop fasting ..if you 'slipped into the wet, wet, wet '  marshy swamps in the daylight of Ramadhan (hubungan kelamin d waktu siang bulan puasa)".
patah pinggang lah puasa lamo tuuuuhh 90 hari ..p*d*n mukor (laugh)

Happy Ramadhan my dear readers.  Thousand apologies if the writings are very blunt to your eyes, hearts and souls.  I am just a simple human being writing something to be read .. by many.


  1. Rusniza Abdul Rahman said...

    thanks prof. Its always a pleasure to read your blogs. it resembles my own father advise. Selamat berpuasa Prof and family.

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