What does a father do?

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Last few days ..  it was a Father's Day.

Some daddies got the wishes from their beloved ones ..and some don't.

But do not worry so much.  It is not the end of the world.

2)  Let us remind ourselves ..what is the job of a father regardless of  our respective races and countries.

I think ..  a father

2.1  takes care of the family.  This means protection. He buys a house and puts everybody there .. if it is in India, you can see every body in the house from their great great grand parents up to the new born babies. It is a big family. Extended family.

2.2   finds  food for the family. In Africa, if he is a hunter , after sometimes after he had hunted for some food  ..he brought home a big buffalo .. that is dinner, lunch, tea , coffee for few days all put together ..  so food is also in the agenda

2.3   finds some money ..in Malaysia  ..in September soon ..  when the young girl is about to enter her first year degree in the university  ..the father has to fork out some money somewhere  ..say RM2000 - RM3000 for the first week in the campus.  So money is in the brain of the daddy.

and many many more things  including  ..

2.4  sometimes he drives the car from one place to another.  He cannot afford to sleep behind the wheel even though every body is fast asleep in his car.  Come shine or rain, his eyes stay wide open ..  pity you daddy.  Why?

2.5   if the car breaks down , he has to tend to the car .. in the jungle, on the high way , under the scorching sun or wet wet monsoon rain    ..and if the car really breaks down  ..he has to face all kinds of wrath from his 'BIG' wife, children and ..  'good isn't it?'

2.6 if the baby is ill in the middle of the night , he must send the baby to the hospital.  Emergency ! who else my daddy?   He has to forgo his rest to see to the sick baby and

2.6  if there is a war / earthquake like the one in Sabah recently, ..the father has to act very fast to save so many things such as lap top, hand sets, internet connections, taxis, credit cards .... and

2.7 if mummy is about to deliver our new geng in the dead of night , the daddy has to react as fast as lightning too.. because he cannot run away now since he has a big say on what is there  ..  and pity you

dad .. Happy Father's Dad ..you?
Make sure you take insurance daddy, please   You are so priceless.

All things in one , I think?



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