Just damn lazy ..

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When one is hungry and tired, one tends to get so lazy right?  Sign of laziness .. we could not lift our leg at all even to the gents.  Just dragging our feet all the way long.

2) One of the best ways to counter this is ..wash your face 10 times starting from now.

Once you washed your face.. insyallah u r a bit better ..overall.  Trust me!

3) Don't sit behind the computer with a tired face.  The customers will feel much more horrible and unwelcoming  for sure.

So to play safe ..wash your face.  No need to put any powder after all.  That is the true you ..what?

4) I just washed my face ..after Jumaat prayer just now.  The Friday sermon is so boring to be honest.  Why boring?  Most of my friends were sleeping ..and so did I.  What to do ..  the imam was talking about pahala (rewards)  this and that.  I think we knew that already from our school days. I was expecting him to say ... why we could not detect MH370 after it went missing more than 12 months already.

Is there no body in this wide world especially those who visited Mecca/ Madinah on special jet, umrah 100 times all the way through in front of Kaabah ; closed friend to the Saudi /kings etc etc  .. dreamt about the Holy Prophet s.a.w.  or MH370?  Is it so difficult?

I could not believe that ..  I heard many good muslims dreamt about the Holy Prophet s.a.w  even  though they haven't met him at all in the real life.  Have they?  Someone he never met ..yet he could dream about the Holy Prophet s.a.w.

How about ..this ..we have seen so many times aeroplanes the size of MH370  flying across our horizons .. yet nobody in this wide wide world can locate ..through dreams and prayers .. where it is?

We have spent so much money ..combing the sea beds ..  all this while .. why can't we call the big mufti and big mulla from the entire planet .. can you help locating the lost plane?  It won't  cost much , I think?


If the above imam said something to this effect ..I think every body will be wide awake throughout his sermon.  Believe me?


Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb... ( God helps those who fast steadfastly.)


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