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Everybody believes in something. Right?

Some of us believe that if they have more money, they can live better.  So they work hard each day and their actions speaks volumes about the belief they hold true and true.

Some of us believe if we work like hell but if there is no 'luck/rezqi", such target like happiness, success, health, getting children and wealth will never come.  As such they are more aware that there is another power that controls their final destiny i.e., the peak of success.  This power is called the power of Allah who have sent a lot of signs through mass destruction like earthquakes and floods that happen all over the world.

Some believe in quantity.  In short, the power of number.  In Asian homes like India and China , the families are quite big as relative to the whites in Europe or USA.  In India, if the parent has 10 boys and each boy can bring home 20,000 Rupees from the market ..then total input into the house economy would be 200,000 Rupees daily.  If in a month, we can calculate ... how busy their lives are.

In Singapore and Japan nowadays,  they do not buy the idea of a big family.  Most of the families have 1 child only.  They buy the concept of 'quality'.  That is why  Singapore/ are far ahead in terms of education  - assessment and evaluation from international points of view.  In each family, all the money will go to the only child for everything.  Tuition, food, health, general comfort and luxury.  If the child is taken by calamity, the parents would have no one to defend them when they reach old age.  At this time, may be , may be , it would be good to have more child than 1 then.  Look at the third paragraph.

So from the above paragraphs, we can see the lives of these people globally are greatly influenced by the belief they have.

2)  Muslims are a unique sets of people.  They believe they have to work hard and pray hard.  in the process of working  hard 24/7 , what ever comes , they can take it wholeheartedly.  This encompasses family size, wealth and health.  They settle for a life between two ends. First fearing the worse and the second .. big hope that Allah will help them achieve any aim(s). By doing so, peace can come into their life.

2.1  some one believes if he eats good food he will grow bigger.

is that true?

Food are eaten to give us energy and important elements of growth i.e., protein, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins.  But can we see the vitamins/ calcium  in our body?  Some of us lack food but our bodies are big. Some one eats all kinds of food and supplements ..but they hardly grow at all.  Why? Who controls this growth actually?  Is it the food from the earth?

Yes you are right ..  it is Allah who says 'kun fa ya kun '  be and it will be.

Some one finds worms in the big stones ..  in the arid areas like the deserts.  Surprisingly, the worms live there for ages. If we think .. logically and scientifically ... how can the worms survive?  But ..Allah is the Sustainer and the extreme Knower.  He creates lives and he can also takes our lives at any time of the day.

2.2  some one believes with direct association to the rich man, strong body like UMNO  ..he can stay there in power longer/ influential

is that true?  Can we stay there for ever?

Tun Mahathir ruled Malaysia for 22 years. After he left , in spite of his criticism to the present government ..he cannot do much. Why?  he is just like you and me now.  A commoner.  We thought UMNO will worship him until the sun sets in the east ..but before he goes .. he learns something bitter.

Once we penshion , we are just a nobody.  We can bark at the trees .. but the trees cannot do any thing towards our barking. The leaves did not move at all. Not ever an inch.

That is the  truth.  Nothing remains for ever.

I think that is all for today.

Se you again insya allah.  Till then .. let us follow the commandments of Allah as shown by our holy prophet Muhammad s.a.w.



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