What does a mum do?

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A mum lives well with a daddy.  Without the mum, the daddy will feel a bit strange especially in a big house.  They need each other , actually.

Below are what I saw my mum did most of the time:

(a)  she cooks very well

b)  she takes care of the house from A to Z.  The A will covers the food necessities and the Z is the money needed to get the food.

c)  she prepares the budget - what to buy most and what not to buy at all

d) she washes our clothes

e)  she dries the clothes outside the house if the sun is shining hot and bright out there and iron the clothes and put everything neat and tidy in the big cupboard

f)  she prays 5 times a day and sit down quite a while to recite the Holy Quraan

g)  she entertains her neighbors sometimes - club 'crochet' in our home

h)  she visits others who are sick and poor

i)  she waits for my daddy when  the sun sets

j) 'cannot story anymore between both of them'.  Haram!


The job as a housewife is a very respectful one.(refer : Maulana Zakaria rah. alaihih ..Shaharanpur, India, 1965).  The world can function well if the mother acts the best that she can.  If the daddy feels happy with  mummy , he can think better at work ..and of course the home economy will be at the best.

Many men cannot think straight because they are 'mistreated' by their wives.  Some wives are too demanding. They speak badly to the husbands. Sometimes if we recorded their day to day conversation, we would be a bit confuse..who is the real boss here?  Few of them  only think about themselves only.  Sometimes what they wanted  , is very awful for example ..  asking the husbands to send them  for window shopping  in Singapore 3 times a week.  What I know is ..  there is nothing much in the Megamall since we have all the necessary things at home.  For example, there is nothing different between an imported shoe with the local BATA.  Both are placed at the feet.  One more thing is ..  the head scarf .. 1 story scarf and 3 stories scarf.  Same effect I think?  Why ? both covers the same face.  But one is much dearer than the other.

That paragraph was about the mum treated the daddy.  Sometimes, the daddy also do the same.  He just punch and kick the mum. Sometimes both of them fought and of course we know the results.  First, all our crockery got broken and ..  finally , our mum ran away from the house.  Oshh..  so bad stories if we did not treat each other well.  But ..

I think we can live peacefully, if we do not demand so much from our old and poorly daddy.  We should live within our means and say TQ daddy for what ever he has provided for us all this while.

Try and say nice to mummy and dad each day. Then they can see us graduate and start our own families ..and happy ever after.

If we did not take heed to this, no wonder . when we graduated .. our parents are no more with us to see our successful lives.  Both of them have gone so far away from us.  In short ..they are dead. Pity huh?

Till then ..respect our mum and dad all the times, shall we?

All the stories come to good ending if we do some homework when we want to get married.  There are 4 steps to take.  First, check on her  religious background; second, from good family like Syed, Tun, Tg, Nik, Wan, Prof, Dr, Ir , Cikgu cikgi ; third, a bit rich lah and the last she has some beauty.  Preferably more beautiful than you .  Next time , I write some more lah.  Now . the writer is  a bit tired and thirsty too. I just type to appreciate what my mum has done to me .. when i was young many many years ago in many police barracks all over the country.  Now many women got better jobs than me.  But the structure of happiness remain intact as time flows. In brief, show our respect to our old parents all the time.

Wasallam.  May Allah bless you Mum and Dad.


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