Questions they asked in the interview

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Congratulations!  You are attending a big interview today.  Hadiah Latihan ...

Some questions to share (if you do not mind) please:

a)  can you tell us your work scope in your organization please?

b)  is this proposal going to help you and your place (organization) .. do you mind elaborating it please?

c) they will examine your 'Gantt Chart' one mile-stone after another.  The question most popularly asked by the professors would be  ..' will 6 months be suffice/ enough for data collection and analysis in this case ?

d) In what ways are your research going to benefit this  Ministry and the country itself?

e)  What will happen if we suggest you to do something else ... it is quite similar but much deeper and more relevant to the needs of this country?

f)  Is your spouse working ?

if yes ..  will this not going to disturb both of you ?

g)  Why UKM ..what is so great about this university when we realized that address is just around Bangi?  Can't you go and study some where else?

Give us 3 reasons why UKM?

h)  Do you like sports?  what do you think of our football team?  they drew with Timur-Leste few days ago.

i)  Do you like politics?  What is your comment of the ex-premier Tun Mahathir attacking our current PM?

Bla bla bla .. why do you say so?

j) Which daily paper do you read ..most of the time?  What is the big news today?

k)  What plan do you have after this PhD ..knowing that Kolej Komunity Segamat  do not need an expert in AI after you graduate 2018/19?  Do they?

Ok I think thats all for the time being.  Good luck every body.  Do you best ok?


Dr S


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