Viva Part 2

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When you read this ...  1700 hours  14 sept 2016

somebody so near to me  is about to defend his viva.

2)  Please pray for him so that he will come out successfully as a Ph.D holder.


3)  Preparing and going for viva is quite a nervous experience to most students.  They will never forget that for the rest of their lives.

Here I pen them down its cycle.  Just to share.

3.1  complete the 1st to the nth draft
3.2  be patient to get comments after comments
3.3  compile, binded, and
3.4  submit to the faculty ( Post Graduate School)
3.5  wait for the appointment - date of the so called oral exam  VIVA
3.6  once known the date of the viva
3.7  preparation
3.8  writing papers and papers for journals etc etc
3.9  when the date comes , just go and say .. May Allah helps me ..Ameen.
3.10  defending processes

4)  Soon they will tell the results of the defence

Either pass/ fail.

5) Hopefully he passes with flying colours.  I ask my friends from many parts of the world to say something nice (i.e.,  silent prayer) for my 'loved' one now.

As an old man ..  we ask many things from Allah.  Mostly good dunia and good akhirat.  But we never stop praying the good of our own loved ones.

We are not forced doing that but ..out of love
we just do that ..which is never ending. tomorrow..  until we breathe no more.

5) I read Yaseen twice already ..then the ayat #10 - 15 Surah Noah ..  so that Allah gives us extra rezeiki  get this and that from this struggle getting a piece of paper printed with P.H.D

It is not so great but we need that knowingly/ unknowingly..

It shows to the whole world ..our brain was examined at this level of education.

If there is rezeki,  Alhamdulilah.

If there is not .. alhamdulilah a lot to ALLAH too ..
the most important thing is we are still healthy, wise and happy to serve the country, religion and the population here.

Just come back ..and stay happy and wise please.

If you read this some doa for somebody so precious to his old parents ..teachers, schools, universities etc etc.

TQ so much.

Wallahu aklam

result.  Pass.  Minor?


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