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We asians like to get back to our roots.

That is why we visit our villagers before Eid or Aidil Adha.

The chinrse will return to their parents before their big day.  What a rush in China.  Billion of chinese moves from east to west and vice versa.
The indians do the same. They come from many places.
The malays do the same too.
Why?  Our culture explains our roots.

When we do that
the traffic will build up.
we met traffic jams and accidents.

we spent a lot of money, energy and time on the roads.

i  just wonder why should we do the same ?
what will happen if we just ignore this pattern of roots searching and massive movement.

Will we suffer?
will we die in the process?

2)  Allah gives us some brain.
We can think the benefits of the above festivals or get together activities.

I can.
but i dont think my companions can or willing to do.

I cannot survive in this occasion
without seeing my roots.
becausd blood relation is everything to them.

they believe many things.
first they must get their mums blessings.
second if the blessings come, they go to paradise.
third .. islam controls our lives.
blood is too strong a bond.

With this,  people are willing to crawl every festives.
some come home safely
some remained in memory.
They died as put in the obituary.

Is it worth it?
Nothing matter

Tq.  Is it?



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