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When i was doing my masters in Birmingham in 1994
I read Prof Munirah Ghazalis masters thesis.

It was about Excel  in  Calculus n Problem Solving.

I read many more.

Why did I do that?
There are 3 good reasons.

1.  That is a yardstick for me to follow. How she design the RQ and how she carried her work n methods.

2.  We can see how she wrote and argued her findings n trying to justify her findings.. soon   did she contributed
Any to the BOK.

3.  I think about her suggestions  and many more.

In summary, if u pick up 4 masters thesis from different countries

You can see some pattern.

1.  How the student built up her case.
2.  What level of discussion is appropriate for masters and phd theses.

3.  Each writers ..are different.  If qualitative ..the way they wrote was quite different from quantitative research.

In this way, our time was well guarded.

It is good to write well.
It reflects on your SV, institution and the country respectively.

Here i put something so that my young generation can learn something.

I  enjoyed reading each thesis. Why?  This is the product of 1, 3, 4  or many years of struggle of a student in the foreign countries.

I am not a good writer, mind you

But i love writing something daily.
It helps my brain before it goes ..useless.
Please forgive me if it is not what u expect after all.

I  believe if you love sharing your knowledge and experience ,  you won't  walk alone lah.  Insya allah.



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