viva 4 ( major)

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You pass but we would givev
you 6 to 12 months to make some changes to your work.


Now you can do  2  things.  Easy  boy.  Easy

First  quit and run

Or second, take a deep breath and rework on your work for the next 12 months.
  You must think positively  like this.  If you had spent 4 years on the thesis, what is 6 months more?
Dont worry.

Steps to take.

1.  Visit your  Sv.  Dont cry.  Dont stay too long please.

2.  He will politely ask you to see again the concept, models and method.

3.  Recollect  the data, process the data, analyse the data, check the variables.

4. See somebody to teach you Matlab, Simulink etc etc.  New software.

5.  Write 1 or 2 papers to gain focus, refocus

6.  Redo your literature review.  Cut down all the long pages about theorem, model. Just put in point form.  Hire somebody to rewrite for you.  Simplify them.

7.  Present.  Re present to your friends.

8.  See your Sv.

9. Pray he will live extra year plz.

10.  Submit.

Good luck.  You can make it.  Believe me!


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