Kuwait, Australia, Polish

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My new readers ..

TQ  Kuwaitis,  Australians, Polish ,,

hope you can learn something here.

2) TQ  Malaysians, Americans, Germans, Indonesians, Bruneiens, Russians, British, French, Japanese, Indians, Chinese   and others.
[ big proportion are Malaysian students studying abroad ..  all the best guys!]

Really appreciate your recommendation and mutual support.
 all this while..
Without your support .. I do not know ..what to put.

3)  In summary
many like to read about these 3 areas:

* teaching/ learning
**   phd/ masters  proposal ..defending their thesis
**  manners and etiquettes

Well done.

At least I can see..those are the focused ones.

The rest .. is charity.  Sweet charity?  Have you known that words?

I can give ..but it is up to my readers to read.  He..he..he..



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