Viva Part 1

Posted by sazali


Somebody getting married.  Alhamdulilah.  This cuti so many weddings here and there.  Syukur ..the ladies are in demand. Good economy ..can marry lah.

2) Somebody going VIVA PH.D.  Alhamdulilah.. Allah is great. Your journey is coming to an end.

My advice.

Don't worry so much.

Going to be 1 to 2 hours oral exam.
Imagine good things like this :

2.1  The external examiners are interested with your work.  They come to share with your work.

2.2  They gonna go through all your chapters don't worry so much.  You wrote the chapters didn't you?

Just answer the best that you can.

At the end say  say 'Thank You' to them.

That's  it my  boy.

We are lucky.
We always depend on Allah day and night.  Others ..  they hardly know who Allah is.

Allah gives us everything.  Taufiq hidayah and ..many more.

We can't afford to count  HIS nikmat. Right?

You got parents to pray for you.

Your siblings are praying for u too.

Your daddy is writing nicely for you - his words of wisdom, I mean..   even though he is not that wise as compared to many other great men walking on this surface of this earth.  But .. that is my only little contribution son.

Insya allah, you can make it!

Wasallam.  Think  nice please with/among us.  We live better that way.


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