Allah is great

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Allah is our creator.

He brings us in this world.

We live here happily.

Soon we die off one after the other.


2)  Imagine our body dies.
what will happen?

This world would be full of 3000 year old men and women.

any one fancies that?

3)  Since we did not like to see that

Allah sends down all kinds of diseases.  Cancer, diabetes, stroke, syplis, cholera and lately Zika.

Sometimes HE kills us as a whole like earthquakes, tsunami, hiroshima japan 1944  and wars.

To sustain life here,

Allah created animals, plants and human.

he provides us oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and many more.

4) To create beauty, Allah puts patterns, numbers and brain.

All in.  He brings sun, moon and stars.  The sunlight helps photosynthesis, osmosis and many more interesting proceses that make our plant food. The animals eat the plants and we human, takes the animals.  Sometimes the animals gulp us like the Jaws.

To control life and death, Allah created education where this produced - doctors, engineers, professors, padi planters, grape pickers etc etc. Doctors treat us ..engineers build buildings, bridges , ATM and many more like the cars, lorries, aeroplanes, boats, submarines ..we bought one submarine but we never hear big story about the submarine ..may be sub sub sub never 'timbul  one'  ma!

5)  Allah knows we want some fun.  To  create some fun under the sun

he puts desires into the human.  So man marries the woman.  Before that the couple roll and roll from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain.  (refer Hindi films and songs).  Why ?  love is blind.  But

there are stupid men or women marrying among themselves ..and of course -  no children.  Why?

Ask Allah please.

Allah gives us success and failures.

To put success, Allah sent Prophets after prophets. He sent Bible, Taurat Zabur and  Al Quraan.

In the quraan there are stories for men to learn..  The prophet came to warn us.  OBEY Allah.

YOU LIVE successfully.

Some people tried to go against that. They take drugs.  You know?  And of course

they all die sooner ..

remember ..we are going to be questioned on 5  things..

first  how did you spend your life?
second how you spent your money?  third - What  do you do  with your knowledge?
fourth -What you do with the amanah/responsibility  from HIM?  Did you care after your wive, children and parents well?

fifth-In the young age, what did you do?

From the above questions, HE  rewards us where ..Allah created heaven and hell.

see the whole picture?

This world is short.

The day after is very long.  Get prepared please.  Adam and Eve are inside their grave thousand of years already.  Any story from them,  any body?

To have success

you must follow HIS  laws.  HE created us ..therefore HE knows the rules and procedures to make us live well and healthy.  Our washing machine has an engineer who designed it from Japan.  He produces manuals. By following the manuals .. the machine can last longer.  Similar is human being. To live longer happily we must follow the manual called Al Quraan.  Period!




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