a typical old malay grandad

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As a parent we love our children in 5 occasions.

1.  They bank in some money for us old parents as sign of appreciation. RM100 per month.  Rm3  per day.  (Use this money to buy morning hot coffee and 1 local newspaper).

2.  They call us once weekly asking how we are keeping up

3.  They come back in big festives like Eid, Aidul Adha with their children.

4.  They bring along some gifts from KL, London and places they had visited lately like Langkawi, Saigon and Bandung
5.  They bring back more news like we are getting richer with 2, 3 more grand children next year.  God willing.

In return
We give them our blessings and doa. ( hadith:  the prayer by a dad has no block in the eyes of Allah).
Usually our illness, sickness and sakit lutut  disappear once we saw their cars arriving into our compound one after another.
Our appetite improves. We forgot our doctors advice for a day or two.. We just eat and eat with them.  The grand ma brings out everything from the kitchen. Pechal, hidangan ompok from Kampar, Sumatera and of course Budu with some boiled fish, lemon, cili and onions. Luckily my teeth fully intact.  So we eat happily together.  Luckily your mama can cook your favourites by herself.  Last time batu lesung, batu giling ..but now all blenders this and that. Brurrrrr ..Bremmm ..the sound I mean.  The noise from the dapur still there in the air.

To the neighbours  we always tell
the eldest son returning.  The middle expecting and more more added stories.
That news we brought every where. Our faces grin from left to right.


don't know.
We try not to worry anyone else with many things.

Sometime we load banana, papaya, rambutan, durian and many more into their cars so that they can share with their neighbours in Kuala Lumpur.
Then we say good bye. Their cars, CRV, slowly disappear from atuk's sight.

Drive safely please.  Read al quraan if it rains so heavily.

After the caravan left... blood pressure goes up. Cholesterol also up.  Test urine .. may be some stones coming in the  atuk's urine. See?  A typical atuk  of  iman, irshad, iffat, akil harraz, aminah, nuha  and hana. May Allah makes you good children in Islam and you fly far away places like atuk one fine day.  Ameen.  Education is one possession no one can take it away.


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