viva 5 ( fail)

Posted by sazali


This world has the opposites.

Fat , thin.
Profit, loss.
Mahathir,  Najib
Japan model  , 1MDB
and finally ..
Success and failure.

phd holder versus lay man only.

2) But .. this world focuses on successful people only.
But failed students can be successful too in many ways.  Not now. one fine day//   One day after the rain, snow or tsunami.  He he he.

2)  I saw Grade 3  MCE /SPM students doing very well n  much better than the so called high flying students.
They just tried, borrowed money, grew business and ..few died without paying.  The police tried to get them ..but when they died ..some of us would say ..hard luck police.   R.I.P  racing  in police cars only.
They look things differently.

From 1000 failures, there can be 1  great achievement.
See KFC  and McDonald story models.

3)  In summary don't worry so much.  What is Ph.D? You passed UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM, Degree, Masters and many more except Ph.D. So what!

Just live n carry on.  Treat your spouse very well. Smile, worriless plz.
 Take care of your wive, children  and  parents better.
So smile more, worry less.

You think like this..

Of course I had failed in my studies,
But i learnt more  from all those experiences.

That's it  mate!




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