viva 3 ( minor)

Posted by sazali


If you got pass with minor  corrections
Then you do this
Please,  dont worry.

1.  Relax  1 to 2 weeks.  Celebrate with your friends.
2.  Do the corrections beginning with the simplest to the hardest
3.  I  edit my references
4.  Edit the appendices.
5.  Look at the result chapter.  Edit it.  See your  Sv.

Must start withbthe easiest ..this will give you momentum, motivation and confidence.
6.  Once you got that ..  work on the discussion.  See your SV.
7.  Get on the literature review. Double check withbthe references.

8.  ONCE done attack the abstract
9.  Check the page content, acronym
10.  Sleep with it for 48 hours.

11.  Open again to check for spelling mistakes.
12.  See your Sv.

13.  Submit.


THE END.  Congratulation  Dr Khalid.



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