the word sincere

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I  learnt the word  sincere
When i  started to write an english letter to somebody important. That was when i was just 10 years old.

2)  of course before i  get to the word '  sincerely  yours'

I  made a lot of errrors.  Grammatical and spelling types.
Sometimes my letter was full of red ink.
Not only that .. the teacher wrote another sentence for me.  The
e ugliest sight..his writing was so big and horrible.

Looking the colour of my letter
I never bother to sign.

He he he.

3)  at night before i slept
I quietly took out my letter from my  RM5  old rattan made school beg n study seriously the mistakes one by one.

I read again and again and soon i  brave myself doing thousands of corrections. While correcting my work, i swear to myself ..i will write as good as my teachers, lecturers and professors  one  day.   Soon
Allah gives me the ability to write ..
Many kinds of letters, reports, articles, journals, books n thesis.  Some published and mostly rejected.

to write is not easy
a writer is not easy .. to be produced  by any school, college, polytechnic , university or country.
the writer must have the confidence to write anything under his discipline.

 I  think most of my friends
enjoy reviewing some one else work.

So they are called reviewers.  Usually the professors .. they are appointed to be reviewers.
When they review
they started to put some ticks here n there.  Sometimes their vfaces can tell.  They hate reading the work.

usually they put this  ?
or  they  made some circles,
big crosses
long extended vertical lines
from top to bottom
on the left hand margin of my work  and many more grafitty.

ALL those are signs which indicates he couldnt understand much.
vague ideas n many more stupid things according to them.

I  wish I can review somebodys  work but alas
pride gets hold of me

i   prefer to write anything myself.
free of charge.
last time i wrote first degree thesis on computer simulation,
then 20,000 word dissertation for my masters n
soon i wrote more than
100,000 word Ph.D  thesis.
But b4  submitting my thesis, many of my work were rejected.  Very  painful n sad.  Sometimes I  lost my appetite. My sleep.  My  smiles.  I drove home my Kelisa car as slowly as I  could.  So  frustratedddd.

i think to get to my final thesis
my writings were rejected more than 100 times within more than xyz  years phd journey part time.

Never mind.
i always say to myself
as long as i am not called a dead body on this earth
my pen will get to the paper in what ever way i  can.   I  just ignore
many bad or good remarks from my professors.

4)  now
sincerely  somebody looked at me
so tired but it is just ok  man.

I  hope my children have read what is in between my chest.
my students .. they too got some benefit a bit here and a bit there from my writings.
I knew ....  people will  see something good after the writer is gone for good.  Well  cannot  blame them.

other studdnts ..please help yourselves.

if we keep doing something
soon we shall forget
the sincerity of our hard work.
just look at the case of a charitable man in the golden era of our Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
He keeps giving
sudddnly he dropped dead
may be  when he gave the last
his left hand wont know what his right hand has given out just now.

Thats the lesson today for myself too.
why?  I  am just a learner like you my  dear.

got me?


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