sincerity is not easy

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In Islam we are told about three groups  of people

1.  Matyrs -  those dead warriors fighting for Islam
2.  Scholars -  professors as they were called 1437 years ago
3.  Charitable persons -  those that give charities openly.

in short, their good deeds were rejected and they were dragged to hell.

they did all those  deeds for show, fame and many more.


Looking at that story

many good students/ teachers/ lecturers/ professors
stop writing.

not many books are written.
proof?  Just go and visit top class universities.

Seriously how many books were written by any of -  Abdullah, Muhammad, Siti Khadijah and many more ..
please help yourself.  if there are books about something, the author did not come from that so called discipline.  Example 1  :  a biologist writing about 'ad-deen'.

then look at the books written by others (  Edwards, Jeremy, Jacobs. whites, black ., tan,  chin, mahatma,...)


Go and  visit big mosques, muzeums, libraries
did they have anything , document
telling the stories of their constructions

I  think not many.
If there is
the documents were missing.

We are not proud to tell our history.
We are not proud to mention who we are.  Too humble ..i think.

As a result we just follow others.  From here
we buy other products.
our products ..we tend to look down.

imported products .. we paid highly.
we became losers in the end ..import bigger than exports.

Is that good?

As an officer in Malaysian government ..
Now every year
we got to see our K P I ( key performance index)
here we begin to tell our good deeds one after another.

Of course we go up ( good permitting)
lecturers ..and soon up as professors.

The universities wanted to know what we did so far ..the last 10 months.
why?  They paid highly the professors as compared to the other non
academic staff.  Justification is a factor here.

but ooopsss ..

look at the above top most paragraph.

Allah may reject our good work.
we  got the dunia
now ,  soon

there won't be any more syorga for you.  Ohhs..dear oh  dear.  Is that so?

Think about that please.

What are we going to end ...  one fine day?

WITH a single pride ..we cannot dream of smelling the sweet fragrance of syorga.  ( hadith by Maulana Zakaria 1965).

i leave you there , now.


Maulana Zakaria ( 1965).  The teaching of Islam.  Tabligh 6 golden principles.  India:  Saharanpur


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