A simple life is the best

Posted by sazali


I like a simple life.

Even though I had travelled many continents

I still love  a simple life.

First, I married a non working wife.
From the economist point of view, it is a loss.  But wait ..  I remembered my best friend from UCL university college london , London, Asif  Jawaid  who said "..  sometimes what is bad is actually good for you ..and what is good is actually bad for you."

2.  I enjoy home cooking. My wife cook. She prepares my food, clothing and ..many more.

3.  I  teach simple maths.  Starting with 1,2,,3  and one day i spotted something wrong with a group of scientists in Sheffield building a mathematical model about cloud and pollution. From there my life started undergoing some changes.

3.  I mix with simple people.  Most live in wooden houses and they park their cars away from their front doors.

4.  In the library, I like to read simple books starting with "..once upon a time ..".  This kind of books can make me sleep quite easily.  It was just stories after stories.

5.  In the office, i try to do simple jobs but good pay.
He he he.

Why good pay?  Because i have 6 children, 1 wife, 3 dependents and tons of books, mag, journals and newspapers.

May be you are surprise with that.  But don't worry.  I can explain later.

6.  I am the eldest son. In Kelantan, once the father passed away, most harta come to me.  I never apply, they just come rolling in.  The rest is a girl and a handicap brother.

7.  In the evening, I play football. Throughout 60 minutes game, i touched the ball a few times only. I took the penalty kick and from 100 kicks, most of them ended as the winning goals.

8.  At night, i hate fighting.
  So i sleep a bit earlier than the PM. Why?  I don't have much to answer such as 1MDB case.

He he he.

9.  I have 6 children. All went to the university. How?  Because they imitate me ..simple living but plenty of readings.

10. Before sleeping, i read quraan and ..making strong intention going for subuh in the masjid.  The maulana in Pakistan told me '..
Try to live simply. You will die simply too.  Insya allah'.  How true it is.



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