Interview 4

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n a very good morning my readers.

Today is my 4th writing on 'Interviewing Technique'.

I want to write / share with you a session on English Speaking part.

The interviewr will begin something like this;

Q1. Do you mind telling us you academic background please Miss Rohana?

So what r you going to say?

" My name is Rohana. I am married , having 1 husband 3 kids. I studied in MRSM PC Bitara 2005-2006; UTM Express Track 2006 - 2010. Graduate in Petroleum Engineering. Married in my first year with my lecturer (laugh)and here I am in front of you guys! .."

I think the above answer/description is good but I just wonder why you must begin with your name. I am Rohana. The panel know this already. They know how to read.

Then why the bugger me .. u have to tell them you are already married with your 60 year old lecturer. (laugh). It did not carry any weight on your effort.

They ask you about your academic background. So I suggest

MRSM -- > a prefect --> hobbies at schools, clubs like Karate , Tae-Kwon-Do, Photoraphy Club; --> selected by the school to participate in School Debate against all SBP , MRSM schools --> qualified semi finalist -- > at the UTM --> I joined kayak team, participate competition kayak against UM, UPM, UKM -- > entered the final -- > we lost against UTHM Parit Raja.

I like to work in teams.

See. there is more logic to the second description about urself. The panel want to hear that more than u telling about the 3 kids and the old husband you are hanging on since 2007.

Q2. What do you expect from JPA?

I expect a job by March2012. Can I ask that?
I expect a decent job equivalent to my degree and above description.

Q3. What can you contribute with a pointer less than 3.00 ?

That is a number only Sir. Actually after the decimal place, the '8' should appear but alas I think the printer had a bad day .. so the '0' came instead.

But I am sure I can deliver a job as good as any of the senior staff in JPA. I am a fighter, really?

Q4. Can you comment why is the price of goods going up every day? Did u realise that Miss Rohana?

Answer: I think the goverment is weak. They can't catch the chinese who are the big toke. they are stranggeling/ cekik darah our throats every morning, afternoon and night ever since. If the government is strong .. like they shoot point blank at the rich buncit toke ..and Metro Paper .. put that as the first page next day.. then I am sure , the price of goods can be controlled effectively. Now we have a weak government in terms of implementation/'pemantauan' section. We can't enforce any of our laws / rules/ regulations effectively on towards the rich businessmen including those who controlled the big team of lorries on our road. they can push up any price just because the BN government push 5/ 10 sen per litre petrol. See my economic reasoning ? he..he.. ( u can laugh a bit in th interview u know?).


Please speak well. Speak fluently. Be confident with your ideas. No turning back . Practice speaking while u r in the toilet prior to this BIG DAY.

I told you to talk to your teacher(s) ever since so bad/ got to talk while enjoying ur business in the ladies/gentlemen loos.

All the best.

Wallahu aklam.


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