Body signals

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Peace be upon you my readers

In the course of our busy life, our bodies do suffer some ache and pain. As such it will transmit important signals to us (if we care to notice and take note of its seriousness) to be alert and take considerable actions.

Some of the body signs are:
(i) we wake up too many times and urinate in the middle of the night, and we feel so thirsty
(ii) we cannot sleep so peacefully
(iii) we spend longer time in the toilet to let our stools pass through the same old channel i.e., downward
(iv) we feel less fresh any more before we start our car and drive to the office. Sometimes we feel giddy / headaches especially on the neck , our arms feel 'kebassss' or 'semuttttt'
(v) since our appetite getting poorer, our weight / size getting down and down [ noticed by our friends]
(v) the above signs continue 1 - 2 weeks without stopping

These body signals can be the start of some chronic diseases like:

(i) high blood + high cholesterol + diabetis
(ii) 'cancer' if we let out blood stains in our urine/ stools

Therefore please consult your doctor. Don't wait any longer because it is better to do a proper check up before it is too late.

I think that is all for now. Please love your body than your workaholic 25/8

Thank you.

Wallahu aklam


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