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I was please to read an article of complaint by a Form 4 prefect regarding his/her school. THis came out today 5th February 2012. EDUCATE. The Sunday Star paper. These complaints support my earlier writings in this blog. I think schools (Pengetua, Guru Besar, teachers) who got HPS on 4th Feb 2012 have something to think seriously , and be careful since parents are as smart / smarted than them nowadays in this FB world. Her complaints are as follows:

(i) prefects have to do many kinds of duties which went unpaid
(ii) from their prefect's hard donkey work, the teachers got promotions, fly overseas AIR ASIA, went for enrichment courses etc etc.
(iii) are they oblige to do everything that was ordered by their teachers thus ..by doing good service .. the prefects miss 15 minutes introductory chapters / lessons respectively. Once they missed that important part, they fail to understand the whole week lessons on biology, chemistry, physics, add maths, SEJARAH, .., and many more.
(iv) why can't the teachers do the job themselves ,as they are paid handsomely nowadays SBPA? Some parents noticed head teachers are going to be paid more than RM10,000 a month. How about prefects, monitors, assistant monitors, librarians, assistant librarians etc etc .. who are considered cheap labours by few hard core teachers throughout the country
(v) so far for the last 20 -30 years we parents have heard so much about .. NILAI-NILAI MURNI ( beautiful inner values like punctuality, obedience, perseverance, good conduct, good moral, social ethiques, good motivating word so that the students excel in their studies etc etc) in each lesson taught across all the curiculums in malaysian schools. As a simple daddy who is happily drinking tea with tongkat ali enhanced elements .. My question is
are the lazy teachers' orders to the prefects (my son, daughter, your sons, your own daughters) got anything to do with NILAI_NILAI murni that is going on throughout the whole schools? He..he..
(vi) is the ministry of education not giving NILAI-NILAI murni courses to Head Teachers, senior teachers, junior teachers, lazy teachers as well? One of the values incorporated in the courses must be '..run 5 minutes flat uo the 3 story building ..and be in front of me instantly! to the participants..'

Got me mates?

Thank you Miss "Suffering Prefect". via e-mail in Sunday Star 5 february 2012 pg 4 Let's hear it.Stareducate supplementary issue.

Walahu aklam. p/s: i am also a teacher you know but I don't dare to ask my prefect to climb 3 storey building just to pass a message to another student to come down in 5 minutes flat .. how about if that prefect got heart attack in the process of runnning up the stairs? You r in complete trouble, aren't you? he..he..


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