Dont take things for granted

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Do not take things for granted in the following things:

(i) good health - you can go to schools and meet many kind of people when you are the tip top / pink of health. Else they will forget you slowly. Just ask the dead men. Did anybody remember you man? Yes only at Eid Mubarak (Hari Raya Puasa/ Haji). Al- Fatihah to my late daddy.

(ii) good family - every morning your wife prepares some food. All the food you like most. Else without her may be your clothes won't get ironed.He..he..

(iii) some money - every morning you drive to the paper shop. Then you go Mamak Shop for roti canai and teh tarik. The people there respect you since you are the regular customer. Without money, may be you are no body.

(iv) your job - if you are a lecturer, the guard salute you high and higher every morning. Your face is your job and vice versa. Without the job , you may be no body too. Ask the retired men? Did you the difference(s) in treatment by the staff before and after retirement? He..he.. slowly they will forget you. One day they will say , let us hear something from ' our old' friend. If they are very polite , sometimes, they will attach this adjective called 'our wise old man'. Right?

(v) your life - our temporary life. Some gets 30, some gets 60, some never get any where there. What more our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir .. he is enjoying more than 83 years of age. My doa Tun you will live longer and healthier. Ameen.

When you are still around, you can write a book. You can tell what you want regarding many things - politics, educations, chances that you had grabbed them well and things that were beyond your control.

I think it is good to write a book(s) so that our library in Malaysia can be stocked with local books. We have spent billion of RM importing every western people, scholars and ... but very few local books are available for our references. Good books to write are tongkat ali, kachip fatimah, sepak takraw, gasing gergasi, laksa kedah, lakso kelantan, Proton cars and its challenges since 1985 etc etc. Just write. If you cannot find any publisher, just publish yourself. The money you spend can be considered as amal jariah .. if any thing you put on paper if the readers are able to practice or by any body . all their actions will be put into your account for ever and ever. Examples: I put a 'kain pelikat' in a mosque. 'Kain pelikat' is a piece of clothe that a muslim use to pray 5 times a day. That kain belongs to my late daddy. If any traveller were to use that kain when he wants to pray .. then at least few percentages of his rewards (by the Al MIghty Allah) during prayers will be credited into my daddy's account and insyallah into mine too. It will never end.

Second example, in my mathematics classes. I always ask my students .. which is bigger in value ' number 1 or number 27'?

The whole class replied ' number 27' Sir.

I repeat the same question everyday for the last 30 years. And I got the same reply from my obedient students near and far. I refer Malaysians as my near students and my foreign students (Somalia, Nigeria, Yaman, Egypt, Bosnia, UK) as far students.

Then I conclude .. a man who prays in a mosque (MASJID/ SURAU) will get 27 times more reward than he does it alone at home near his bed. If he does his prayer at home, he will get 1, may be half, a quarter, an eighth, .., depending on his sincerity. Pity and sorrow be to those who never care about what to wear during his prayers. (sometimes I saw a man pray without putting a shirt covering his top part of the body).

If any of my students were to remember that golden question . and he translated his understanding by going to the mosque daily ..then the computers start transfering some percentages of his(their) rewards to my account now, the time I will be in the grave , day of ressurections and for ever and ever. Praise be to my LORD - ALLAH. I think Apple computers cannot compute how much I will get silently or most popularly. Such is the thing I called ' don't take things for granted child. "

Your job is that golden opportunity to preach the truth where ever u are. Ameen.

Wallahu aklam.


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