Shallow minds

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By using modern gadgets .. like handphones, internet ,..

there is a strong possibility that

our minds is getting shallower and shallower.

We are used to get things by pictures. Aceh is famous for the big wave called tsunami. U tube it ? thats the way we understand things better. Seeing is believing!

2) According to Neil Tweedie in an article STAR 2 July 2010 .. shallow minds - is constant use of electronic gadgets reshaping our brains and making our thinking shallower?

i'm not thinking the way i used to think, i feel it most strongly when i'm reading. NIcholas Carr , Science writer.

Multitasking? FB while burning a CD and tweeting on his mobile pjhone. His brain is not focus. Thus many tragedies on the roads, .. , airports

man is not focus to one important thing at a time any more. Perhaps they are saying it is better to multitasking than meeting death that comes instantly while doing it(multitasking).

In the report .. Neil Tweedie .. scores of marks in public exams .are declining and our brain is no more sharp any more. Dangerous.

offline it?

See the difference if u grow with friends playing soccer on the streets rather than playing foorball indoors in your parents bed room. Whicjh is more fun?


See you. thats all for today.

Wallah hu aklam. God knows best.


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