A quiet weekend

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This morning I woke up ... and I saw some postings from Dr Siva regarding our faculty's trip to India. He supplied us with contact persons in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Jolly good! TQ DR Siva.

2) I told my wife after Subuh Prayer in the mosque .. I plan to enjoy roti canai and teh tarik 'pulled tea' at the nearest mamak restaurant. He..he.. while going to buy my Sunday Star at my most favourite paper shop. In the course of reading papers, I enjoy Star the most. I like its english. Star is always grapped the fastest by serious readers. I never buy METRO or UM. He..he..

Why? I can give you few good reasons:

2.1 Metro - it has mostly 'wild' news. For examples, the police succesfully shot an innocent boy. That was many years ago. Another story they like to highlight is the police caught 2 boats of Indonesian trying to enter Malaysia illegally and in the process half of the boat people drowned mostly women and childrem. They should have told they caught 10 illegal indonesians but they failed to stop 1000 more indonesians, nigerians, nepalese, iranians getting into the country. Well they never tell you that .. because they don't have analyst. I could hardly see statistical graphs explaining this and that so that people can think what is going on next. Next is the drug stories. After that is 'sex' stories between a teacher/pupils; step-father/ daughter etc. The way this paper is leading the readers is just like the SUN / the Sport / Daily Mirror are doing in England. I never want to spend any money on these kinds of papers. Itold my students who like maths, stats and economics don't buy these kind of papers. It will not do you any good if you r preparing for JPA/SPA/SPP interviews in the process. Sorry!

2.2 UM - the main news is just similar to 30 minutes Berita Perdana at 0800 pm which was 10 hours earlier before this morning. It will report what the Prime Minister had told the public that he is going to give them lots and lots of subsidies, he has successfully recruited .. many young adults to get into PLKN .. getting services from ex-army and these youths will become the supporting soldiers for the nation in the future, BRILLIANT! . next will be what the Vice Prime Minister is doing , sometimes visiting Muar , visit schools, old men homes, religious institutions , etc etc .. then the news about the opposition party .... the calamities that is going to befall the nation if the people chose the opposition party to rule the country. Then in the international news section .. the TV at 0800 pm just now will show all kinds of calamities that are coming to the arab countries starting from Eygpt, Somalia, Yamen, Somalia, USA attacked the weakest arab nation .. in fact what is in the 0800 pm news will be printed black and white on UM paper the next morning. He..he.. why should I pay RM2.00 UM paper on Sunday morning when I have known all that news 10 hours earlier. Right? That is why UM paper is not 100% sold out the next morning.

In conclusion, I think today I want to read Star and enjoy my quiet life like a pensioner does. Read and enjoy hot coffee .. eat bread with kaya/ honey.

That is all mate!

Wallahu aklam. (GOD KNOWS BEST).


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