Thinking about thinking and feeling

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last night I read a book from Edward De BONO - Teaching thinking. Penguin. London. I bought the book in Birmingham when i was about to defend my masters thesis - but it was last night that i found the book. What a waste after spending STG10 for it! after 17 years .. now i read the book. He..he.. but my old friends told me ...better late than never.

2) I found it very interesting. Many of the chapters .. are directly related to my PhD that I had successfully obtained come .. it was never found my home library. May be .. we moved to so many houses .. within this 10 - 17 years. Perhaps..

3) I would like you to see some nice ideas about the book.
Firstly it was about 'thinking'. We think based on certain patterns (concept) that we met everyday. Secondly, we need a language to think. A language that binds many concepts into one main chunk of knowledge. But please be aware .. we cannot say that only a good speaker thinks very well while the quiet audience is not thinking so hard enough to qualify him/her to be some one who possess good thinking skills as well know? Finally, what we think so far becomes our general feeling. There is nothing wrong about our feeling. There is no person on earth that can say what we feel is completely wrong/rubbish. It is our own feeling. He..he.. it is good ..right? The ideas of DE BONO.

4) When I left my house just now, all the pages I read ..came back into my mind. I read Quran verses while driving my new machine .. and I was just wondering whether I should pen down some of those ideas onto a book. Yes future book. FYI, I am waiting to know the fate of my first book. It was a year now that the university has processed my work i.e., converting my PhD thesis into a simple book that any commoner can read it .. and digest the ideas and findings from my 4 year work in a polytechnic, MOHE Malaysia. I heard the first reviewer gave me a PASS to publish but I am still waiting for the second reviewer .. i have been praying so hard so that the public can know a bit more about .. what went on in a polytechnic MOHE teaching maths using a computer in English Language. Please help me .. will you ? so that that book can be published. I am not pressing to win any Nobel Prize about maths education .. since the impact is minimal (marginized) ..restricted to polytechnics and college communities in Malaysia. So why wait! Did they know that waiting is killing?

5) I bought tons of books ever since I was a pupil, student , teacher , lecturer and a father of 6 kids. I also got many presents and gifts in the form of books ... and Looking at the many rows of books I have .. I wish I can add one more book that I can claim to the whole world one day .. o yes .. I have contributed something to Malaysians, Indonesians and Brunei population at large. If I had spent RM100,000 for the books .. (hope that second reviewer will be kind enough to let my book be published and share it with so many commoners on the streets) what will the impact of a RM5 - RM15 book of mine be? as Simple as what ...

O how i wish .. many things in my head can materialize one day .. see the thinking and the feeling based on one particular concept .. knowledge gained from a PhD work .. put down in a language to form a small part (body) of knowledge.

With that .. i thank you for reading my short writings .. he..he.. have a nice day, will you?

p/s: i presented my work in Acheh, Indonesia in 2008, 2009 and 2011 and I wrote a paper with my former Dean FTMM UTHM Prof Dr Mustafa Mat Deris in March 2010 about maths in an education seminar in Brunei Darusalam. that's why ..may be ..may be what i put in my book can be sent to Indonesia and Brunei too. who knows right?


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