Bila menyediakan juadah berbuka puasa atau sahhurr

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As a wife ..  of course we are bound to prepare some food on the tables for our beloved family.  If not us, who else? Do you expect your husband to do it ?  If you have one .. u r a fortunate soul at this age of computers, FB, olympic london 2012  and many more.

Here are few tips to help you as mothers who are preparing food for our family:

(i)  read bismillahi roh ma nir rahim to start with
(ii) while stirring the soup ..say SUBHANALLAH, ALHAMDULILAH and ALLAHHUAKBAR
(iii)  if something did not come out right ..don't panic/ regret .. just say .. masyallah/  allahum ma soli ala muhammad wa alaihi saidina muhammad  (darood to our beloved prophet)

(iv) be happy, put a smile while preparing the food.  Please remember ..if u put effort to prepare halal food for your family ... all your small acts (like cutting onions, chilli padi, smashing the kunyit, halia) are counted as ibadat.

(v) think positive.  If your husband is fast asleep and you are at the kitchen preparing for his food .. immediately when he wakes up for sahuur and going to the mosque for subuh (fajar) solat ..all his ibadat becomes yours too.  See the computers of Allah in taking all your pahala while making food.  HE rewards you handsomely  insya allah provided .. you do all the house chores sincerely and happily ever after.

So young mum/ please smile a bit.  say nice words while you are cooking something ..n insyallah u r a great muslimat .. that please Allah Azawajalla.  The angels will keep on loving you while they jot down all the shawaab. Ameen.

Be happy as a cook , mum, PhD scholar in Australia, or ..  (fill up the blank).

Wallahu aklam


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