Welcome back from a long holiday

Posted by sazali


Now day 1 in the office after Eid Mubarak (hari raya aidil fitri) holiday.

Feeling fresh and very motivated ..  he..he..  /  i saved some money for not going abroad last holidays .. in fact Malaysia has many things to offer to us really ?(nice sea-sides, waterfalls, green mountains, blue valleys,  treacherous route to the highlands, AirAsia to Sabah and Serawak, beautiful Kelantanese girls plus its songkets, good Trengganu food like keropok losong .., a grand  book festival in Putra Centre Kuala Lumpur, ..,  u name it we have it except igloos, batman, robin hood and polar bears) .    He..he..

2)  Next week our new students coming.  So the next few days .. I plan to do something on my teaching / learning work so that ..everything will be fine starting 3rd Sept 2012.  God Willing.

3)  I heard ..   these coming months would be a bit tough because BIT subjects are promoted to BCS bachelor computer sciences. So must work something here.

See you guys!

Wallahu aklam.  Tawakal to Allah ...  is the best weapon after all the preparations right?


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