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I was fortunate to be in Putra Nilai today 11 August 2012.  Time 0630 hours immediately after Mrning prayers in Ramadhan.  There are a few reasons to this:

(i)  I managed to listen to a weekly teaching from Tuan Hj Abd Rahmans  From the way he talked, i think he must have come from my own negeri 'Kelantan @ The Red Warriors'. .  Listening to his few introductory words .. i quickly moved forward towards the mimbar ..  Frankly speaking i enjoyed his teaching very much.  For my own goodness, this is the first time i heard such a good talk.  Entitled :  'the 15th reason why Allah will curse you dead and alive ' from a kitab from Al Tarmizi aged 70 years ago.

I better elaborate.  Allah will curse anybody among us who think ..  we muslims are slow and not so developed and progressive  because of the teachings of islam from  the earlier ulama etc etc.  In fact Allah Subhanawataala will not want to see your face on the day of kiyamah.

Actually according to the kitab , the author wrote '.. now a days ..it is not modern technology that we are impressed with  but we are moving quickly towards modern animals instincts (kebinatangan moden) .  why?  because the children at the moment do have the guts to kill their own parents for the sake of some toys like powerful motorbike, iPAD, PS2 etc etc.  A husband is willing to kill his beautiful wife out of some misunderstanding, another husband is willing to kill his executive engineer wife out of jealousy, a teacher killed his pupils, a man killed 20 audiences  out of joy and many many more.   Remember BATMAN shooting recently in USA?   Then he explained many things.

(ii)  the learned learn Al-Quraan and hadith not for the sake of Allah but more towards getting worldly gains like job positions, status, big pay and quick rise among the ranks, respect etc etc.

How true it was! I remembered someone in PTD many many years ago .. an ustaz with a basic degree in islamic studies and PhD in University of St Andrew,Scotland  as  his background.  Immediately after he gained promotions and rose quickly among the ranks of the army .. he spoke so badly about those who were engaged in the work of islamic dakwah and tabligh.  Did he realise that few among those that he cursed and made mockery of  were holding important positions in the local universities . In short they were engineering professors and senior engineers! 

In general before he got a position, he talked very nice about religion and all associated activities ..but once he got himself nearer to the ruling parties and Putrajaya , the way he talked was 180 degrees different.  Please i hate to write this ..  an infedil suits the character of his talk.  Why?  the answer is may be ..  this man .. learnt religion not for the sake of religion , and mind you in Scotland his teachers were Jews(yahudi) and Nasaro (Christians).  See?
a man can change .. his brain can change .. complete overhaul like my old car submerged after a horrible flood in Kelantan 1995.

(iii)  another  kebinatangan moden ( modern animals' loss  ) -  a matured arab lady went up the stage and started to dance in Bahgdad and sang while producing la..la..la.. sound with a funny but erotic  tune .  By dancing , she made all her natural bounties ( big, sloppy breasts, deep cleavage, big buttom plus deep  dark belly button) vividly put for everybody to see.  What was her motive then?

(iv)  after USA attacked Iraq in mid 1980s, there are 60 consecutive cases where Allah sent blizzards, floods, extreme drop in winter temperature  .. in USA.   Strange accidents happened like 9/11.    Why?  Iraq is a country that produced many well known islamic ulamas.   Their graves are all in Iraq.  Once Allah sent his curse .. America suffered exactly like the iraqians places they had bombed earlier on 1990 - 2010.    Allah can destroy USA .. see its economy nowadays ... so many unemployed graduates etc etc.  An american killed his own countrymen out of excitement and sheer madness.  A man marrying a man.  A lady enjoys more from her lady friends' companionship.  USA is about to be doomed. Remember Prophet Luth and his people?   One morning, the people of Luth were uprooted from the ground  and HE brought down the people together with the heavy grounds of earth and stones, gravels on their heads. Thats how the wrath of Allah came as described in the Holy Quraan.  That Ustaz Hj Abd Rahman summarized.
In conclusion, I am reminding myself first of all,  we must not make any mockery of our past ulama and religious authoritis like Imam Bukhari, Imam Tarmizi, Imam Nawawi,  Imam Hambali , Imam Ghazali rahmatullah alai hi  and many more unless we want to be directly cursed by the Al Mighty God.  We must not think even to the smallest dot of inconfidence/ doubts  .. that these so called ulama teachings orally and on papers (kitabs) had contributed directly towards our slow progress in this era.  Just imagine ..

If your wife cuts your manhood and throw it to the hungry cats and dogs below your condominum just because u  got married to a young cambodian lady age 19 .. what is so great about the modern progress that u r so proud of.  Anything can happen , u know?  We are much more lost than the animals?

I left the mosque 1 hour after it began..   driving all the way back to Johor with my beloved daughter ...feeling fully enlightened with what Tuan Haji Abdul Rahman .. n his 70 year old kitab had explained. TQ ustaz.  I love your kelantanese slang n the way your body language ..describing the kesesatan kebinatangan.

Wallahu aklam.   Hope to meet you again ustaz. Eid Mubarak.


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