Tak sangka betul lah ..

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That day(s) . i wrote 3 articles on my blog - Balik kampung (1) - (3).  My mum and siblings were fully aware that i am not going to make it this time but alas ...

out of the blue .. yesterday my eldest son called and he just bought a ticket (AirAsia) from Senai to Kota Bharu.  Flight early moring 2nd Shawal 1433 .. 2nd raya.  Everything  he footed .once and for all.  Ya Robb .. how great your bounties are.  I wrote all the disadvantages of going home .. but then you asked me to return to my own mum in Kelantan.  Ha..ha..  when ur mum is still arounddddd.

Well what can i say then .. if my rezeki is ON in kelantan this raya .. i cannot do anything right?  rayo in kelate again.

2) So now ..got to think what me gonna  do ..in kelate without my wife and 5 other kids ..

firstly,  visiting my dad's, my roots  graveyard
secondly, visiting my aunties' homes in KB, Pasir Akar, Alor Lintah(Besut) and Semerok (Pasir Puteh)
but stop ..  where is my car?

so u gonna walk under the hot sun , do you?   that's mad isn't it?  I never walk with a full set of baju melayu + samping ... under the hot bloddy sun.  Hush!
never mind .. better come in sweat n poor body odour ..  the main  thing is  i am home MUM!  what better raya than to eat sate, rendang , ketupat pulut, tapai ubi, .., yum yum yum ..best ..  with my mum around .. insya allah the food will be just perfect.  See the spelling P E R F E C T.

at last/  i don't have to drive anymore this time in a well packed, jammed gilo the city of Kota Bharu.  Age has suddenly caught me up ..  so better go home raya like those who are blessed with their working son and daughters.  Me gonna wait for my nephews and nieces visiting me as a young working granddad this time around.  Alhamdulilah.

See you there mate.
wallahu aklam


  1. FRSR said...

    may Allah blessed you and your family,Dr.
    My flight to Besut,insyaAllah 3rd Shawal. =)

  2. sazali said...

    tq. u r so nice. tq. drop my home plz. take care. Doa a plenty plz. Ameen.

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