PhD setuju sangat saya Milenia Sept 2012

Posted by sazali


Today I went to a SEVEN ELEBEN SHOP.  I bought a magazine called MILLENA.
page 50 Milenia September 2012 the author listed 4 methos ..
a)  PhD is very tough
b)  PhD title is very hard to put on paper
c) PhD -  a research proposal for what ?
d)  PhD - this is for the genius only.

May I add one please.

(i)  PhD -  suitable for academician only.  Without PhD you are nobody in the universities !


when i first applied  as a lecturer in a local university here .. i thought PhD is a must.  But it was completely wrong thinking.  How foolish I was?  361 degrees incorrect.

Why?  I saw few professors without any PhD qualifications .. working  well  in my university doing so many researches from grants.   Their tummy look more 'buncit' nowadays .. which mean that they are  ok after all.  What is buncit - you asked me?  He..he..  your stomach gets bigger and bigger i mean.   So why PhD?


I saw some staff lost face when they came back without PhD after some years doing research from many sources including MOTOR_TRADERS magazines. (laugh).   But their faces are Ok what after few months and years on the road ..i think after all ..after i saw them driving round and round the campus ..with British Merz 230, 250 series.

See?  No need PhD.  You lost nothing lah.    Your eyes shut n open many times per minute  ..  every second .. soon the people did not realize that u was away doing PhD ..many years ago.  They forgot everything about your effort in PhD many years ago  .. what really matter is your inflated status  driving a MERZ.

So my conclusion is ..  PhD is more of a 'menyusahkan diri anda sahaja'  u just kill yourself for a piece of paper.  He..he..  so do it ..if u dare ..but don't worry ..  if u come back empty handed.  It won't be the end of the world.

Wallahu aklam. (God Knows Best).


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