After my out stations from 11th Nov

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After coming home from abroad , I noticed three important things in this country.

Firstly ,  soccer results between Malaysia versus Bangladesh.  0-0 the final score.  Why should we played against this country?  I am afraid .. the players just came from Parit Raja itself.  There are so many Bangladeshis in this part of the world, you know?  Luckily , the score was nil nil.  Else what a great shame our soccer team faced the next morning  ..if  the carpet sellers beat them well that night.  Hush..   i think we should play with Iran/Iraq/ Japan.  At least we got stones , you know?

Secondly, the paper showed PAS prayed the destruction of the entire clans of BN (UMNO).  Wow!  what a prayer from them all these while!  Can't we sit down and discuss ..who should take the administration of this country .. politely and professionally.  Why should we curse each other?  Is that accordings to the teaching of the Holy Quraan?  I am not an islamic scholar but may i give a simple opinion ..  why can't BN give PAS and PKR a chance ( 2 sessions =10 years ) to control this country beginning Feb 2013?  What is so great about BN then?  One day ex-premier Tun Mahathir cried ..  like a small kid .. confessing that BN has so many worms .. rasuah/ corruptions and many more .. worms!  So give the chance to Anwar and Ustaz Hadi to be the PM.  Simple!  if they performed badly by the year 2023 , we can kick them out for good.  He..he.. what say you my dear?

Thirdly,   I read about a Mufti demanding  the divorced ladies to start claiming for 'tempoh perkhidmatan tamat servis bodily' from their husbands.  So far the muslim ladies did not realize this rights.  the man must pay for the body service that their woman put up day in and day out without fail.  Wow! .. I think the mufti was sleeping all these while.  Since majority of the muslimats are not scholars in islam, why don't the mufti  say that in the first place 100 - 200 years ago since Malaya or Malaysia came into the world map?  It looks that you are starting to think ..better ..when PAS and PKR are knocking hard at the doors of Putrajaya very seriously , right?  I think muftis and many powerful islamic leaders must look deeply at their scope of work - fighting for the rights of islam and its followers.  Don't just sit there , genteling buah tasbeeh alone in the office ... and seeing all kinds of funny things outside the office.  Say something please.  We wanted to read your statements from the front page of the papers daily. Examples:  the boys wanted to be girls,  mat lembut, TV3 programs .. belittling islamic teachings with their drama swasta etc etc ..    and I heard somebody's wife dancing in a Tamil/ Hindu celebrations ..  can we do that in light of the 1Malaysia's spirit?  Can she enjoy in a hindu big day Deepavali?  What rights can a muslimah dance and enjoy herself  by doing that .. when we know that muslims cannot glorify the infedil's big day ..  this i knew many years ago when i was in United Kingdom while doing degree in Computer Science.  At least i know 2 things here .. one my computer programming knowledge and second, islamic principles from usrah and the work of tabligh all over the world.  Astaghfirullah hal azeem!

I think that is all I want to write.  Just pushing what is in my chest out .. into the open.  Niat - lillah hi taala.

Wallah hu aklam.


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