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Yesterday I was counted as a lucky observer in Convocation 12th  UTHM, Johor.  Dated 3rd NOv 2012.  Alhamdulilah!

So happy to see many students getting their scrolls from the young Royal Highness of Johor Darul Takzim.  Daulat Tuanku.  One of the happiest moment listening to a talk by Prof Emirittus Ir Zainal  Abidin ( ex-Stractclyde, Glasgow, Scotland) giving his talk about his journey as a lecturer and researcher here for the last 20 years.  May God bless you brother!  (oops  Prof Emiritous).

2)  Another happy moment seeing many of my PhD friends getting their scrolls as PhD scholars at last.  Dr Shafie Jamil ( the strong man behind Prof Dr Rosziati Ibrahim ..he..he.. her strong man .. ) from Faculty Computer  Science and Information Technology, UTHM.  Last week I was reading his maths dissertation on maths + security as supervised by Prof Dr Mustaffa Mat Deris.  Congratulations Dr Shafie !

3)  my Next happiest moment was to see ..my graphic designer Wahida bte Hj Abu Bakar getting her Masters Education ( PTV) .. at least all parties can be happy now .  She helped me with many small detailed drawings for my slides to be presented in Acheh 2008 and Hanoi 2008.  When her shifu got his PhD in 2010 and  her turn now getting hers today with the company of  her beloved parents from Kuching, Serawak.  I learnt she is working as a lecturer in PTPL, Kuching in Diploma Graphics and Multimedia.  In life, as told we can make many kinds of  friends from the east to west; young and old.  By making friends, we can share our knowledge and experience together.  Win win situation at last.  (ask masters Wawa, please).

4)  And at last I would like to express my congratulations to all my ex-students there in the convocation ..  CONGRATULATIONS! especially from Yaman, Nigeria , Pakistan, Indonesia and many more countries ..  i can mention few names here -  Omar Adnan ,  Hamooud,  Syed Zubair Rehman Gillani,  Muhammad Ikhmatiar , Nor Faezah Hassan and many more wonderful students  pulanglah graduan pulanglah
bantulah ibu ayahmu //  I love you always!

as advised by the NC UTHM yesterday.


Wallahu aklam.


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