Is there perfect writing?

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Dalam proses pengajian PhD dan penyempurnaan penulisan tesis , banyak liku liku yang kita akan tempuhi.  kali ini kita akan bincangkan topik di atas secara ;santai' kot?

(i)  Soalan is 'is there any thing called perfect writing?'

perfect writing is free from grammatical mistakes and/or figures called statistics, maths and many more.  It depends on your discipline.

From my experience, you must have the guts to transfer your ideas onto the paper(s).

Try and write according to a topic/ sub topic.  It will easier to manage.

try using outline in Words.  How?

go to View --->     Outline  -->  (please explore yourself)  the buttons called +, -, arrow keys up and down.  you can edit and bring chunk after chunk of your ideas ..until u r satisfied up to today.  Esok sambung lagi?

(ii)  the answer is 'NO' because i am not a native speaker in english.  My dad's surname  is not McDonald or Kenturky.  People called him 'pokngoh kholid'.  Sounds so melayu kelate right?  yes he was a kelantanese and so am I.

but that did not stop me to write, rewrite, re re re write my ideas until I managed to submit papers to local conferences, international conferences, masters thesis in Birmingham and PhD thesis in UTHM and finally a book published by this university.  Alhamdulilah!  (syukur dgn nikmat tuhan).

Of course those thesis are not that popular compared to many rape cases as put by the daily Metro (Malaysia)  or Antantuya stories how her body was blown into pieces by the 2 malaysian policemen who must have got direct orders from somebody else to destroy 'the proof '.  Malunya kita!  kor mu raso ghuanor adik ku ?
or many other stories where few indians in Klang burnt 4 malay professionals into ashes. Memang org melayu tak ada ;batu'  .. takut kat orang india .. kato org org kelate satu masa lalu.  Dibawah BN selama 55 tahun , org melayu kito semakin kecut and penakut.  Kecut macam-macam. All these stories were converted into money .. and some people used that money to buy food, bring up their families, bought  houses, cars etc etc.  Some of  them forgot one thing ..  all what they wrote will be questionable in the court of Allah one day.  If you cayo ada nyor  Allah, ada nyor hari akhirat, syurga dan nerakor  ..  then take heed to the last sentence before this line please else ..  I do not want to say anything.  At least I have told you my dear respected readers in islam.

(iii)  The trick is ..just write. If you have any idea ..  express it onto a piece of paper ..  then after careful editing ..just ask your close friends to read.  If they commented on your writings.. don't worry.  Relax.  Listen to their comments. Try and learn to smile back at them. Show your nice face when all kinds of comment are thrown onto your face.  Don't worry.  As long as they use bombs from that police store room .. you will be alright punya.  (ha..ha..ha..)

If you can do that staying relax and listen to criticism  regarding your writings ..  you are going to be a great scholar one day.  Insya allah.

Else if you can't take the criticsm ..  I  am afraid .. you better be somebody else like

penjual ice cream , carpets, sell cows, goats, proton cars etc etc.

Life is so simple by selling things.  You acted as the third man.  There is a producer and there is a buyer.  Where are you?  Correct! you are in the middle.  If you can sell , you get komisyen (pitih) and if you can't sell today the carpet ..   don't worry my love .. you can sell it tomorrow -   elsewhere.

So simple!
(iv)  so when to stop writing?

The answer is ... ask your PhD supervisor.  Once he agreed .. that your writing is jolly good then ..  celebrate ..  you are on the road for VIVA and insyallah ..  gelaran DR will come to you. God Willing.

I think that is all for today.  Please write PhD.  Perjalanan hingga DAPAT.  Ha..ha..

Dapat gapo ?  ( bini kot?)  Dr lah.  Prof Madya lah.  Professor penuhlah insyallah.  Your name will grow longer and longer until suddenly you drop dead in your office while seriously writing for high impact factor journals.  Good Luck.


Wallahu aklam.



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