problems are part and parcel of our lives

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Just sharing.  May be ..  after reading these kinds of problems listed below,  we conclude that our problem is nothing much to cry for.

Read please.  tq.

There are few types of problems in the life of a malay family.  Let us classify them into three kinds called small, big and the biggest type.

Small Problem

·         The bread on the morning table tasted a bit stale.
·         The bulbs in the toilet are not functioning well any more.  Can't differentiate between the hose and the snake.
·          Not much money left to pay for tuition fees etc etc since Mahathir (2004) stressed so much on the importance of education. 

Big Problem

·         The head of the family lost his job so he has to hunt for a new job. He is already 52 years old.  Who wants to hire him, huh?

·         “Ah Long “ is calling and pressing for payment you had promised him yesterday.  The initial loan from RM10000 has sky rocketed to RM100,000 within 6 months.

·         The car break down 5 minutes before the family can send the children to school.  The eldest is sitting for MUET that morning and the wife is complaining about her baby kicking her tummy.  She has felt some kind of 'water' under her bum already.

The Biggest Problem
·         The children lack discipline.  Why?  Both parents busy working (Mahathir, 2004).
·         The mother / father just cannot control the children any more.  They are free to go anywhere at any time. In fact in Europe, USA the children can sleep with anybody they like.  Marriage is not respected as a 'holy' agenda in the families.
·         Some one  not praying 5 times a day especially morning prayer of 2 rakaats in Klang Valley.  I think someone got to answer this in the court of Allah putting forward the clock .. thus many children in that valley left their homes , waiting for buses very early in the morning without dawn prayers.
*  the religious malays are fighting among the modern ones in politics and power. After the fight, suddenly they realized that ..  no more malays left  to talk about the future malays' culture, religion, education etc etc  from 2013 - 5050 in this country.

***** so , so,  so ....  how big is your problem as compared to those I have listed up there? 

Mahathir Mohammad achieving true globalisation by Hashimoto .  Kuala Lumpur:  Palanduk. (2004)


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